Acceptable Use Policy

You must agree before purchasing any of our services

Fraudulency within the provider‘s network is strictly prohibited. A fraudulent or prohibited consumption of service is anything the provider defines it to be. Examples of the prior may and or are; illegal acts, adult content, cryptocurrency “mining”.

The services are provided as is and for a specific purpose, the client by purchasing a specific service alleges that he is aware of the service‘s determined use case and agrees to accurately consume it.

Usage of service different from its intended use case, determined by the provider, is prohibited and may lead to service termination or suspension.

On “Minecraft” servers:

The service is intended only for use as a “Minecraft” server, enabling the customer to play the video game “Minecraft” online with other players he shares his server “IP address” with.

Usage of the service for other purposes than just as a “Minecraft” server will result, as mentioned above, in the termination of the user’s service and or account.

Examples of unintended or unpermitted use may include, but is not limited to, the following:

• Hosting other content than a “Minecraft” server on the service.
• Using the service to conduct cyberattacks of any sort.
• Using the service to unnecessarily create a load on the underlying server of the service.

On “Discord Bot” services:

The service is intended only for use as a “Discord Bot”. A “Discord Bot” is an application, written by a third party or the customer, which utilizes “’s” of Discord, Inc’s API.

If the provider finds that the customer has violated this agreement the customer can expect their service and or account to be terminated without notice.

Any prohibition of service usage not covered by law as a criminal or fraudulent offence may be negotiated with the provider to be allowed.


One by the usage of minecraft service and acceptance of the contract agrees and alleges to follow the terms of the Minecraft Eula.


One may report abuse of service to [email protected]

Last date Modified: 28 November 2021