Service Level Agreement

You must agree before purchasing any of our services

The ensuing is the definition of services and the responsibilities of all parties, constituted and governed by VikingNode’s Terms of Service including its definitions. Parties:

• the Providing Party: Bradley James King. trading as "VikingNode".;
• the Consumer: the customer of "VikingNode" which agrees to these terms;


VikingNode, the provider agrees to respect their responsibilities and fulfill its duties on demand and request.

In order to agree to the contract and therefore be serviced any of the available, by the Providing Party does the Consumer need to fulfill and have the eligibility to form, agree to and dissolve contracts inherent.


• “Status Page” The Provisional Party’s site to keep track of and publish service status;
• “Service”(s)’: Any commercial offering towards the Consumer by the Providing Party;
• “Uptime” The state where a service is operational according to the Status Page;
• “Downtime” The state where a service is un-operational according the Status Page;
• “Credit, Balance” Virtual, non-cash guaranteed and valued currency credit on the VikingNode billing area (, which can be exchanged for services offered by VikingNode;
• “Act of God" The term which is to comprehend all misfortunes and accidents arising from inevitable necessity which human prudence could not foresee or prevent;
• “Maintenance” The state where a service is in Maintenance according the Status Page;


The Universal Service Guarantee is a guaranteed, general or even specific percentage or time period of Uptime promise on every Service offering.

The Providing Party offers a Universal Service Guarantee of 99.9% Uptime when any of the following is not true;

• Service functioning is halted due to an Act of God;
• Service functioning is halted due to a fire;
• Service functioning is halted by the Consumer’s actions;
• Service functioning is halted by targeted actions of criminality such as incoming / outgoing (D)DoS attacks.
• Service functioning is halted due to scheduled Maintenance;

When and or if the Universal Service Guarantee goes below it’s promised percentage calculated from machine deployment on the Status Page, per machine, per service, shall the Providing Party give a compensation of Credit on the billing panel totaling to 50% of the previously billed amount on said service.

Last date Modified: 28 November 2021