Minecraft Servers

Our Minecraft Servers are ran behind powerful infrastructure

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Budget Plan

  • 1 Core
  • 3GB Memory
  • 10GB Disk Space
  • 1 Database

Community Plan

  • 2 Cores
  • 6GB Memory
  • 10GB Disk Space
  • 1 Database

Modded Plan

  • 3 Cores
  • 9GB Memory
  • 10GB Disk Space
  • 1 Database

Public Server Plan

  • 4 Cores
  • 12GB Memory
  • 20GB Disk Space
  • 2 Databases

Note *: All servers come equipped with the AMD Ryzen 7 5800X and a NVMe SSD

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Java Edition

Bedrock Edition

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Note *: All servers come equipped with the AMD Ryzen 7 5800X and a NVMe SSD

Why Choose VikingNode?

We should be your primary choice, and these are some of the many reasons

DDOS Protection

All of our servers are protected by enterprise-grade DDoS Protection to keep your servers protected from all attacks!

Personalised Support

At VikingNode, we provide 1-1 support with all of our clients, making sure all clients are happy with their service!

Off-Site Backups

We keep off-site backups of your all your servers, backed up daily to an off-site location to keep your data safe and secure!

Free Subdomains

Each server comes with the ability to create an easy-to-use, memorable subdomain for you to connect to your Minecraft Server!

Powerful Panel

VikingNode runs on a Highly Powerful Server Panel to help you keep YOUR Server under your control, with ease!


All of our hosting services use the latest storage infrastructure, providing you the performance you deserve!

Frequently asked Questions

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Will I be able to use FileZilla or WinSCP?

What server locations do you offer?

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